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Catherine Stevens

What a wonderful fun time pickleball is great exercise and socialization UNTIL you fall and fracture a wrist! As lady luck would have it, it was my right wrist; and, I am right handed. But, my fracture was non-displaced which resulted in a 6-week cast requiring no surgery or pins,Yeah!
Six weeks later, cast is removed. Now the real recovery begins;physical therapy! That is when I met, Ed Frattarelli, a physical therapist at Advanced Orthopedic in Punta Gorda, Florida. Happy Days are here again! Wonder why his staff and clients affectionately call him, Big Ed?
Is it his stature? Is it his knowledge? Is it his patience and caring? Is it his humor? Is it his mobilization techniques? YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!!!!!
With focused attention on his patients, Big Ed goes the extra mile in massaging, bending, pulling, twisting and healing a 6-week casted wrist back to full mobilization! Yes, we patients get homework as all really good teachers bestow on their students. Rote, rote, rote! The more drill the easier and quicker it is to reach the top of the recovery hill!
Much gratitude and respect to Big Ed and his team at Advanced Orthopedic Physical Therapy in Punta Gorda, Florida.

Raymond Marchand

Had multiple surgeries up North when I lived near Boston, Mass. After moving here in 2012 to start my retired life style. Contracted a Blood Infection at Bay Front Hospital needed a knee replacement with tendon repair that was done by Dr. Jason Reiss. There was a serious predicament involved with this procedure. But Dr. Reiss was not only very skilled at his profession but was very informative about the pros and cons on this procedure. I truly felt at ease and comfortable as he talked to me about this procedure and following therapy. I Rate the Doctor's at this facility tops in their field.

Reece Albertson

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Reiss and his staff. Everyone I came in contact with was kind, polite and professional. I was in and out in 45 minutes! Dr. Reiss was absolutely AMAZING and I highly recommend him to anyone!

Coral Conner

Dr. Connors replaced my right hip in September 2016. I was living with daily pain that was severely affecting my quality of life. I chose Dr. Connors based on the testimonials and information from this website. I live 300 miles from Dr. Connors and chose to rent a house for my recovery so that I could ensure that I received the best surgery possible. Dr. Connors was worth the trip. He was my hero throughout the entire experience. My operation went perfectly and 6 months later I now have mobility and am pain free. Thank you Dr. Connors for your care and expertise. I can live my life again.

Linda Lutian

Dr Greenberg was a young Pup when I started to see him for knees; thankfully after many years,I gave up and let him replace both knees;very good decision ;his and mine;! Just returned from my 1yr checkup; he perfomed a perfect surgery;and I in turn healed ,quickly,and also perfectly.No more pain;great Dr,great office.So happy that he was introduced into my life !Thankyou,thank you.

bill makela

Dr. James treated me for pain do to an auto accident. He really listened to me and was a great help. When I was leaving there was a woman in great pain who needed help. He ask her if she could go to the emergency room, She said no, he told her if she could wait a few minuets he would try to help. Great guy!! Made time for a woman in need.

Nigel Mison

Pain for 10 plus years resolved in 9 short weeks, from time I met Dr. Connors I am pain free.
Dr. Connors not only replaced my Hip but gave me back my life.
Thank you Dr. Connors

Donald L. Smothers

I have been seen by Dr. Anthony and Dr. Greenberg. I am very pleased with the knee surgery performed by Dr. Greenberg. Advanced Orthopedics has a professional and knowledgeable staff and i was very happy with the relief and improvement I now have in my right knee.

Carolyn L Coomes

I have suffered with knee pain for over 2 years in both knees (bone on bone) I had a left knee replacement December 16,2015 by Dr. Constine. Jan 25, 2016, I was released from therapy and home care visits. I'm walking without a walker or cane as of today Jan 29th. Dr. Constine is very professional and doesn't pull any punches about what needs to be done. I am happy with him and what he did for me. I'm having the right knee done in April. Thank You Dr. Constine.

Helen M Buonviri

Dr.Greenberg performed a total knee replacement three months ago. I am 74, very active and have kayaked for 22 years. Just 27 days after surgery I was back to paddling 5 hours plus. I biked at 2 months post op and now at 3 months am back on the court for pickle ball. I am not limited in any way, all with no pain. Thank you Dr. Greenberg for my excellent results from the surgery and my remarkable fast recovery. I highly recommend you and your caring support staff.



Ellen Plavner

Six weeks ago,today..Dr.Greenburg performed a total knee replacement on my left knee. Thanks to his expertise my incision is healing beautifully and I am having a terrific recovery. I couldn't be more pleased with his care and that of his staff. A few years ago,he operated on my husband's shoulder also with excellent results,so there was no doubt that I would want him to operate on my knee..I'm only sorry I waited as long as I did! Thanks Dr.Greenberg for two jobs well done!

Jeff Clifford

3 weeks, 3 days ago, I had hip replacement surgery at Fawcett Memorial Hospital in Port Charlotte, Florida. The direct anterior muscle sparing procedure was performed by Dr Jason Reiss. Remarkably, 2-3 hours after the surgery, I was up on my feet with the help of a walker. The following day, I was able perform limited physical therapy and later in the day, I was discharged, the day after surgery. After home physical therapy, I was able to mow my lawn after 1 1/2 weeks. Now, almost 3 1/2 weeks, I'm walking fairly normally with limited pain. While I know I still have many weeks of physical therapy before I'm 100%, I would like to sincerely thank Dr Reiss for his dedication, expertise and respect. While I have no desire for another joint replacement in the future, it is comforting to know I'll have access to this professional.

Cory Scheuerman

I had been in pain in my foot area over a year and was able to get in to see Dr.Steven Anthony fairly quickly,he scheduled a CT scan, I came back, he diagnosed the scan, explained the procedure and we scheduled surgery within two weeks. I was in so much pain there is no way I could have waited even another week. The staff at the center have all been helpful and most importantly Im healing up nicely, no complications of any kind. This surgery was a triple arthrodesis fusion, and I was very anxious over finding the right surgeon to work with for this operation. I am a very active guy and my work is very physical, to no longer have the pain I lived with daily is such a relief, and to have it taken care of by such a professional team of health care workers has made it that much easier. Walking with no pain is important and I can thank Dr. Anthony and his team for that. Best Regards, Cory Scheuerman

Tom Zalac

Dr. Connors replaced my right hip on March 30, 2015 and I couldn't be more pleased. The surgery went smoothly and recovery was incredibly swift and with virtually no pain after the first week (and the first weeks pain was minor). The AOC staff and Bayfront Hospital Port Charlotte were very professional and treated me well. My Physical Therapist Jody was great to work with and she had me back to 100% in six weeeks. I strongley recommend Dr Connors and AOC if a hip replacement is called for.

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